Kattalender 2021 cat calendar A3 risoprint by Tilda Mårtensson

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Say farewell to the awful trashfire that is 2020 with this beautiful cat calendar and start marking down all the awesome stuff you'll do in the blessed year of 2021. And what better way to welcome our bright future than with cats? #sayitwithcats And please remember to spoil your cat EVERY DAY!

A3 sized risograph print of a Tilda Mårtensson original.

Tilda Mårtensson is an illustrator and graphic designer from the south of Sweden. In her work she want to highlight values - animals, nature, vegetation - that she feel are forgotten in our increasingly stressed society. Feminism and mental health are two other topics that often become central in her creative process.

Tilda likes to work in mixed techniques, it can be anything from gouache or chalk to digital imaging. Characteristics for her visual language are playful shapes that are often combined with imperfect strokes. Too realistic imagery doesn't feel as interesting to her, which is why she strives to work in the opposite direction, with illustrations that have a slight dissonance to them and where the imperfect is perfect.