Hiking Palace 2 haiku print by Sajan Rai

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We are rrrreally happy to be able to offer the brilliant work of Sajan Rai! Sajan is an illustrator from the UK currently residing in Malmö. He writes and illustrates haiku poems, which all act as glimpses into an imagined world documented by a single narrator. They are all heavily fantasy/sci fi, but without being disproportionately Eurocentric in content or style, as those genres so often are. Sajan began the illustrated haiku project to better his skills at creating art completely digitally, but often likes to replicate traditional mediums and styles.

The print measures 21x21 and would look splendid on your wall, trust me!

Find out more about mister Rai and his art on www.sajanrai.co.uk and instagram.com/oh_hai_ku