Delany lily of the valley brooch

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This collection is made in honour of the awe inspiring artist and bluestocking Mary Delany (1700-1788). Despite living in a time where only men were meant to be scientists, she managed to navigate the constricting gender norms by adapting acceptably feminine skills like collage and embroidery and use them to study plant life. The artwork used in this collection are her collages. They're not paintings but actually "paper mosaiks"- made out of dozens, sometimes hundreds, pieces of meticulously cut and hand dyed tissue paper. She based all of her mosaiks on plant specimen that she dissected to be able to depict as true to life as possible, and her attention to detail and passion for science left us with works of art that are still used for reference by botanists today.

This brooch features Mary Delanys depiction of a lily of the valley displayed under domed glass. Measures 40x40 mm.