Male tears


So you're a perfectly reasonable individual who've detected inequality, reviewed the facts and come to the conclusion that intersectional feminism is the solution to a lot of society's problems? Great! Go you! So you proudly tell the world that you're a feminist and actually a lot of things that could be done to liberate e v e r y o n e, guys, gals and non-binary pals included, and you feel great about this insight and the positive change made possible by it. And then BAM! you run into the dude who think feminism is really advocating female supremacy, and you're a feminazi who hate men and also need to get laid more (?!?!!!!!). And sure, that could be an opportunity to educate that poor fool but you know some dum-dums just don't get it and goddamnit, why is it your job to baby that rude manchild? Not today satan.

Let's own that feeling and give those idiots what they want since they obviously see straight through our peaceful disguise. Just say: "fuck it, you're right, I am actually a misandrist witch bent on total destruction of ALL the dudes, and I wear these male tears as a symbol of all the suffering I inflict upon men to increase my powers!" Added maniacal laughter is optional but always appreciated. 

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